My favorite movies are ones that the characters work through relationship issues with an inspirational outcome.  If there is a twist to the story with or without the relationship experience, I love a surprise ending.  “Something Borrowed” actually covered both areas of interest, so it was an enjoyable event.   It also was a walk back into my younger days, into relationship “mistakes” made by not dealing with my personal wants and trying to guess other’s wishes.   Even worse, not counting my desires and deciding someone else needed what I wanted.   Too bad I didn’t have a good male friend to set me straight as Ethan was to Rachel in “Something Borrowed”.   All the characters in the movie dealt with who and what they really wanted out of their lives.   In the end, all of them had to vocalize their feelings which led not only to some changed relationships; but possibly connecting with where and who each one was meant to be.   How many of us should have played the truth game of badminton which purpose was to expose the secrets each was concealing?   While laughing at their humorous discomfort, one can’t help but understand the fear of naked veils being removed by someone stating what you can’t say yourself.