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Discovered today, I might have woke up in a world gone crazy! What is going on with everyone??! Some comments from the facebook: “Relationships are about trust. If you have to play detective, then it’s time to move on.”
“Be thankful for all the difficult people in your life, and learn from them. They have shown you exactly who you do not want to be. ”
“It’s funny how someone who was just a stranger last year, can mean so much to you now. It’s terrible that someone who meant so much to you last year, can be just a stranger now. It’s amazing what a year can do. ”
The really sad part of these comments is that they may be the nicer aspects of the past year. Maybe the more important perspective is why one relates to these comments. This author can pin one person as the source of all the lessons these comments have produced.
We won’t even address how crazy politicians are getting. Can one blame the December 21, 2012 effect on that?
Will reflect on this and write thoughts on it.


A Veteran: whether active duty, discharged, retired, or reserve — is someone who at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to “The United States of America” for an amount of “up to and including his/her life”.

On a wall-hanging plank purchased July 4th is this:  “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  For his/her family, for his/her country needs to be added.  Love this and it is a gift for a child who is now serving this country.  (Hope you’re still not reading this blog or you will know part of your house warming gift!)  The best part of this plank is the picture of a soldier with the wings of the United States flag colors and shapes of it’s stars and stripes.  And that it was Made in USA!  Thanks to Dalton, Ohio.

As much as any of us complain about anything and everything going on in this world today, we have that privilege because of the Lord and those who gave much to allow us to live in this country with whatever freedom we have.  Many of us remember this and thank the Lord every day by praying for all those who serve and have served with all they have to give.  Today will always be special in my heart, may the Lord bless and keep all of you safe.  And . . . .


Search:  American Legion at:  /members or about

Veterans Day at:

One might want to say thanks by clicking on Veterans Hospital or Veterans Home and see what you can do to personalize your thanks at http//    The upper left of the home page has a list of subjects among them is Honoring Veterans, Veterans Home, and Veterans Services.

Our flag’s colors are red, white and blue and like the other features of it, each color was purposely choosen to symbolize something of significance.  White is purity and innocence; red means hardiness and valour; and blue vigilance, perserverance and justice.  May we always remember many lives and body’s parts altered for these qualities.

Most of us know the 50 stars represent the fifty United States but how many know that number has increased to 51 by Puerto Rico’s November 2012 election*.  We may have to get a new design to represent all 51 states ( future of flag section at’s flag of U.S.).  There also is a excellent section on Folding for storage.  To know the meaning of each fold go to an  American Legion.

*changing it’s political status from territorial to support of statehood status.

God make me brave for life,

oh braver than this.

Let me straighten after pain

As a tree straightens after rain,

Shining and lovely again.

God make me brave for life,

much braver than this.

As the blown grass lifts, let me rise,

From sorrow with quiet eyes,

Knowing Thy way is wise.

God make me brave, for life brings such blinding things.

Help me to keep my sight;

Help me to see aright —-

That out of dark comes light.

————–Author Unknown.

Here is something all Christians can agree to pray for in this last week, also add for all leaders being selected at this time:

Dear Beloved God in Heaven:

Please give us a president that loves this country and everything it stands for.

Please give us a president who respects You as the one true God.

Please give us a president who will, with your help, restore this nation to it’s former glory, the way You created her.

Please help us to respect what You have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again.

Please Lord weaken the evil and strengthen the good both within and without.

May our eyes be opened.

In Jesus’ name.  Amen.  May the Lord bless us.

From “Laughter— the best medicine” Reader’s Digest 1962:

{  I was telling my nine-year-old granddaughter the story of the princess and the frog.  “When the little frog rescued her golden ball from the well, the princess was so grateful she let him spend the night in her room,” I said. “And the next morning when she woke up he had turned into a handsome prince and they were married and lived happily ever after.”

My granddaughter looked at me dubiously.

“Don’t you believe the story?” I asked.

“No,” she replied, “I don’t.  And I’ll bet her mother didn’t either.”               Kenneth Burke  }

Just had to chuckle at this.  Sometimes kids are much smarter than adults, what makes us think they will believe a frog can turn into a prince?  And if they get married, can they live happily ever after?  Marriage is more work than “rescuing her golden ball from the well”.  That is one side of this story–the other is what occurs if a male spends the night in a girl’s room.

There is no mention of the heated “discussion” about finding such a scenario in a daughter’s room which there would be if some parents found out this had occurred under their roof.   But then this would destroy the story.  It might be interesting to find out the motivation to the creator of the fairy tale about the Princess and the Frog.  Actually, if memory serves the author, the original version of the fairy tale had the frog working his way into the bedroom with a kiss as a promise BEFORE he “rescued” the ball.  So if one ponders the whole fairy tale, they realize there always has been challenging situations to overcome, other people’s storylines to decipher and decisions of how to react to what the world presents to each of us.   Maybe more of us should look at life in a dubious manner, we might be in less illusions.

This writer is not a political watcher, most of the politicians do not have their country’s best interest as a priority.  So it was amusing how high of a score was achieved on the Candidate Trivia Quiz by Darryl Levings, The Kansas City Star (forwarded by a friend).  First impression was this was going to be a factual quiz but no, the subtitle should have given away the seriousness of information = “Dresses, dogs, college degrees: No detail is too small in an election year”.  As one who is impressed with such trivia as the bumble bee’s ability to fly even though it’s wing span is too small for body size, it really comes as no real surprise most of the answers to the quiz were accurately guessed.  Such as Obama’s referral to ten thousand tragic deaths by a tornado in Kansas where 10 people died; guessing which presidential couples combined heights were taller; which couple was older by how much; and how many dresses could Michelle buy for the same amount as Anne’s (this should have been how many dresses could Michelle’s staff’s salaries clothed the poor of United States).   These questions made one feel as though they were taking an elementary standardized test.  Then there were the stupid storylines the media fixated on in the past year —- like what was the make of station wagon Seamus, Romney’s Irish Setter rode atop to Canada,  Hillary Clinton’s “Shame on you Barach Obama” comment, what Biden and GOP vice president candidate Paul Ryan once did as a living.  With the exception of Biden’s used car salesman background, one has to wonder what this stuff has to do with who we want as President.

A few questions such as Obama’s Oval Office has a misattributed quote– easily guessed when you consider the subject of question, although the other two answers were competitive choices— eagle facing wrong way and missing stars representing the states.  Even though the guy doesn’t know how many states are in United States, he usually adds to the 50 and not subtracts.  The question of what statue M. Romney would restore had to pull out long-filed information about actions Obama has done as president to come up with the correct answer of Winston Churchill.  Wasn’t that one of the times the Obamas insulted England?   The only legit question was the names of Mitt Romney’s five sons.  But the most interesting reminder was of the incident on Nov. 11, 2011 where Obama missed a bullet by not “being present” on the Truman balcony.

Anyway the levels of the quiz were:  15- 12 correct was a place on the campaign plane.  11-8 correct “still rate as political insider”  7-4 correct got one the back of the campaign bus and less than four correct answers — “we’ll have to throw you under the bus” award.  Either author was a good guesser (not normally) or knew the candidate’s personality quirks enough to score high because this quiz-taker wanted to rate low enough to “be thrown under the bus”, PLEASE!

The other day in a newspaper there was a review of Paris’ fashion for the 2013 season by Thomas Adamson, AP Fashion Writer.  This article reveals the coming fashions of various designers.  And apparently it’s going to be an eye-opener for some of us.

Nothing of unusual note was stated until half-way through the article Mr. Adamson started describing the fashions from “Post-punk design house Impasse de la Defense (where do these people get names?), tucked away behind the clock of Gare de l’Est” colored the show.   One has to read what followed at least twice to believe that they are really reading the right words.  “There eclectic (1) and contemporary mix included vibrant patchwork dresses, outre (2) tulle (3) bridal skirts and large shawls printed with images of clock architecture.  Their sound-track — a single harmonica played by a man who looked like a busker (4) — added a dash of boho (5) insouciance to the many the casual, loose-fitting, splash-dyed dresses.”  This guy deserves a reward of some kind;  rarely does this author look up the meaning of more than two words per article but five in two sentences!  Alright, maybe less if one doesn’t count the realization that boho was not a misspelling of hobo but sounded short for Bohemian which it is; and author is not a fashion watcher (tulle?!).  The other alarming clue was wearing ” ’70s flower power” clock architecture.  Along with “The imaginative prints of cameras and the spines of novels on large shawls were a notable success.”  Good grief, are we supposed to be wearing the library or a clock store?

The amusement continues in the next paragraph labeled “Knitted novelty” through designer Alice Lemoine of Le Moine Tricote’s method of knitting “with no idea what clothes she would make.”  It is refreshing to know some designers can admit their styles have origins in the unknown.  One can only imagine what wearing something made by “I just let the needles lead and I make all sorts of different shapes and panels.  I then just fuse it together; not exactly patchwork, but the same process.”  Okay, this gives the creative knitters a clue what to start making with their stash of yarn to fit into next spring’s styles.  Careful though, while you may succeed do you want to copy something “highly huggable—display of some 14 soft, open knit looks—set off with creative spirals, polygons and geometric shapes.”   Is the hugging because of softness or hiding the vision of all these patchwork shapes in one area at the same time?  And color?  This article ends with “In this uber-sexy, color-free offering, the models’ legs did the talking: Micro skirts with a tight, sweeped draping.”  (Sweeped?? Did he mean swept?  and what is uber? misspelled super??)

So the author will be joining the guys reminiscing while “standing on the corner watching all the girls go by . . .” looking like tourist with their cameras; watching the time on the shawl so they can meet with the tour group and carrying copies of the latest novel on their clothes.  Either that or thankful the Lord ended the world on December 21, 2012 and we all missed the psychedelic-colored underwear peeking under the tightly, “sweeped” micro drapings.

(1) eclectic (adj) selected from various sources.

(2) outre (adj) exaggrated or eccentric, bizarre

(3) tulle (n) a fine netting of silk, rayon, nylon, etc. used as for veils and scarves.

(4) busker (n) [my dictionary was not educated enough to have this word; the closest was buskin— associated with ancient tragic drama — suppose one might have cloaked his words by calling the musician this.]

(5) boho (n) slang or short for Bohemian

If one knew they only had two-three months to live would one do things different than what they are doing now?  Would one do different things if there were six months or even a year left to live life?  It is interesting the different choices we each would make.  Some state they would max out the credit cards.  Some would do a “bucket list” and depending on the list might end up maxing their credit plus spending all their money.  Others may rectify their relationships or change their outlook on what is happing around them or in their life.

When one is given the chance to know there is little time left, the person can review their life and decide if they are doing what they really want to do.  Maybe they find they want to take charge of the direction their life is going.  Maybe priorities are clearer.  One discovers what really matters in life is not the business of everyday life but the people in one’s life.  Where are we in our relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and of course, our Lord becomes more important.  Part of getting our affairs in order would be making sure our family and friends are aware of our situation.

When the end of life is sudden or involves more than just ourselves (ie: 9/11/01 with the Twin Towers and massive number of bombings in various countries), our priority changes differently.  Many times these events show how great qualities surface and spread throughout humanity.  The core character of a person is shown.  Some are greedy and pillage everything and everyone.  Some show the best in themselves, beyond what they knew they were.  Fortunately, there always seemed to be at least one “hero” who shows unselfish acts of courage, compassion and wisdom.  This person almost always is the “little” guy; the one who steps up and leads through disaster with calm coolness.

Recently, a viewing of “Final Prophecies” the commentator of Coast to Coast AM asked Brent Miller of Horizon Project about what humanity should be doing to prepare if the pole shift does occur.  Mr. Miller’s response was that each of us should get our priorities in order.  Some have maxed out credit cards and world country leaders have bankrupted the world economy, but all of us should review our relationships especially with the Lord.  And we should be prioritizing those relationships no matter how much time we have on this planet.

“Medical studies indicate most people suffer a 68% hearing loss when naked.”

Okay, how did this one get created?  Who thought to observe this “fact” and how did they measure the hearing?  University doctorate programs have had to come up with subjects for papers that have not been written about previously.  The paper covering “What attracts flies to cow manure?” makes sense when compared to this study.

Brain storming or researching previous titles might have started one thinking about the hearing while naked.  Where and what conditions was the 68% loss observed?  Maybe observing someone who was naked and not listening to the person speaking, ie doctor’s office?  One could have been uncomfortable and froze “hearing” and appeared to lose 68% of hearing.  Maybe the naked person was in the shower and running the water; many of us lose more than 68% of our hearing in the bathroom.  The bathroom is the only place some of us are naked, and if the door is closed 68% loss of hearing is very likely.

Let’s see other times a human is naked? ————- Oh, well, some of us loose more than hearing during sex.  Besides what kind of sex is it if you are measuring hearing loss?

Note:  This could be “Friday Writing” with a twist from a word to a phrase or saying.  It was shorter time than 25-30 minutes.  Some of us can’t concentrate on the subject of nakedness for that long.

If a person wants to know about a town/city read its phonebook.  Yellow pages tell someone what kind of place it is by the type and number of businesses; and the white pages tell one a lot about the people.  The combination of the two plus some additional information can tell much of the story.

The white pages tell what kind of ethnic background lives there by the names of the people.  The number of the same name tells how many of that ethnic group lives there.  Cellphones have made this hard and deceptive because they are not listed in phonebooks — yet.  Phonebooks don’t reveal what the people do for a living or recreation but sometimes the yellow pages will do that.

Yellow pages not only tells one what kind of business is important to the community by the number of business in that type of business;  but also about what type of community lives in the area.  This is more so the more rural it is.  Areas “in the middle of no where” will list more than just it’s city businesses.  Being in the middle of no where means local businesses are most likely employing local people.  The opposite is more likely if the town is near a larger city.  Many people make a daily work-day trip to the cities near where they live.  Smaller town life still has appeal for many humans working in cities.

While both yellow and white pages tell a lot about the town/city, it doesn’t say much about the actual people.  If one knows about different ethnic groups, one might be able to guess at the atmosphere of a community.  By knowing rural areas tend to be friendlier with some caution and even superstition of “city folk” while city people are much harder to participate in conversations of much substance beyond weather and maybe directions to somewhere.  Things that are readily available in cities are not as commonly accessible to “town” or rural areas.  Some things are either not available, or accessible by other means or are on list for infrequent visits to the city.  An unusal source may supply the needed item or mail takes its place.  I.E.  Video rental stores not in the rural town and the library has a large volume of videos and audio books (books on CD’s) plus a strong theater program.  Might be interesting to see if the insides of local homes have a volume of personal videos in shelves.  If they don’t support mail order movie companies like Nexflix or Blockbuster, maybe they would be interested in forming a group that “rent-shares” swapping movie videos,  hmmm?

Note: This is a “Friday’s Writing” and took about 25-30 minutes to write.  It is another of the writing exercise examples.