My life is much like this periwinkle that ended up growing and blooming in the crack in the middle of a cement porch. In spite of the summer being hot and dry and against many odds, it grew from a tiny 3-bloom plant into a twenty blossom surviver. I believe the Lord kept it alive while I was trying to water life into my garden without much success.

The purpose of this blog is to share things I have learned in life, much of the time “in the school of hard knocks”.   I have always enjoyed sharing opinions with others.  Not in arguments, because in all the shouting no one is listening to anyone else.  Discussing ideas helps to understand others; and in understanding others, we can help each other.  This is the foundation of relationships and I believe the purpose of anyone’s life is to work through relationships.

For now, I have an email box I am using for anyone who has a “personal” contact need.  It is:

May we always find the silver lining in the clouds of our lives.