One of the Ten Commandments the Lord gave in the Old Testament is “Honor your father and your mother . . .”. By honoring your parents not only will you have a long life and a good life, it will be a much more peaceful one. But what if your parent is not “honorable”? Honorable by definition is: worthy of being honored, honest, upright, or bringing honor. Honor’s definition brings respect, good reputation, integrity, adherence to principles considered right, integrity. First problem is to separate the parent as a person and not as the action. Maybe what the parent is doing is not honorable and deep down they are honorable. All parents have imperfections. Also, remember even if one is not a parent, one is a person. How each of us react to others, especially parents, says more about us than the other person.
As with all relationships, time and understanding communication develops good bonds. Spending time with another or even time reviewing situations that reveal whether or not a parent is honorable is the best evaluation of character. One must place themselves where they see outside of the problem. By doing this, one realizes the situation revealed the parent or person is not so much the problem as the event “made” the person choose the un-honorable path. We each have our own weaknesses; thus because ours is not the same as our parent or the other person, we can’t determine who is honorable and who isn’t. We each can only determine whether or not we act “honorably” by acting in a compassionate, understanding manner and not vengeful (by telling lies about the one who wronged us, doing physical or any type of harm) retaliation for any dishonorable act the parent is perpetrating on the child. This is the “peace of the Lord” displayed in the Gospels where Christ was under fire of false accusations about who He was and was not. Therefore, Christians must act as their name-sake “Christ-like” and do the honorable thing and most times that is as He did: do nothing against His accusers, even if we have the power to return “nasty” comments. Only take it to the Lord and “cast your cares at His feet”.
Matthew 16:57-62
PS When one is in this situation, it is best to spend LOTS of time with the Lord, either reading Bible or some sort of meditating with the Lord. Getting and keeping out of the picture until one is “centered” and at peace with view of how the Lord sees every angle of the situation.