Writing a blog is much like raising a child.  The same major problems exist in both.  From “birth” the “parent” wants to have success in the end product.  There are similar concerns in blogging.  Who influences how the product’s personality comes out, what to do with the problems that are revealed, how to handle outside criticism?  And then there is the actual growing process, how much and what kind of outside help do you get?

As in giving a child birth, it is assumed this is a planned event, but not always.  Some see others with a baby and want one of their own, so they start with “creating” one.  Blogging is the same.  A future blogger sees blogs they like and want one of their own — which is a good thing because it is a sharing of likes.  Unlike the baby, though, a blog’s personality is easier to control by the blogger.  The question of why one likes a type of blog is one of the first to creating their own blog.  Is it to ” converse” as in sharing interests or to display the beauty of the world?  Look around on the internet and one finds a lot of variety in format.  Pick what is most interesting for you.  The criticism of a blog can be the key to supplying a need through a blog of your own.  For example, when starting this blog, the blogger viewed several blogs already online and developed a blog that was the type they wanted to see and interact.  The two ways this blog “likes” other blogs are 1) we like the blog but wouldn’t do it ourselves and 2) we like it and may or may not integrate with a twist of our own.  The twist of your own can be what is lacking in the blog liked.  This is what this blog thinks when someone comments about “this or that should be done on this blog” :  as in being a parent, one finds there is a lot of well-meaning unsolicited suggestions people who are not “raising” your “baby” give.  Some of it is okay but each suggestion has to be reviewed and ruled in or out by the writer of the blog, not the visitor.  And like parenting, most outside suggestions are well-meaning and good.  Also like parenting, there are those who try to influence your blog by telling you, sometimes with malicious words, what you are doing wrong.  Just ignore them as the Writer’s Digest website on blogging rules states.  People who really care don’t use harsh criticism to guide you in how to be more “appealing to others” direction.

This is the first segment of this category.  For those seeking answers go to Writer’s Digest website :  writersdigest.com and read about writing and blogging by title of articles.  Blogging is mostly just doing it and doing it consistantly.  Just like parenting a child, what do you want to see your “baby” do and then share it with the rest of us.  Kindred spirits will find you.

Check out www.writersdigest.com for writing ideas and www.writersmarket.com for those interested in selling your writing.  Have a GREAT day this Happy New Year!!