Does anyone remember the song that has the phrase “chestnuts roasting on an open fire”? Someone called me to ask how do you roast chestnuts. . . . yes, they know at least some of my adventures in the kitchen! And they also know that even though I may create havoc in my own kitchen, I do know the proper procedure is what is best to follow. Yeah, do what the published recipe says. (That is why any recipes I publish are only the safe tested ones! No disasters, thank you.)
So after establishing what a chestnut was via the internet. The caller goes to the grocery store and buys a bag of several “chestnuts”. Next thing I hear from the person is: “it says in the recipe to pierce shell with a forked utensil.” When they did this the whole nut went flying off the counter. So having my curiosity activated, I go over and look at these pierce-defying “chestnuts”. “Well, I see what the problem is: these are not chestnuts, they are hazelnuts!” (This is not the end of this adventure) The person decided to roast them in the oven anyway —- AND against my advice not to do so! The saying is right — the Lord watches over children and fools. These air-tight-in-the-shell hazelnuts did not pop, or explode in the oven; they burnt black as coal. They were promptly dumped into the trash without further exploration to see what the nut meat inside looked like or tasted. Such a waste of a disaster!