Each one of us live a life for a purpose.  Some have more than one, but we each have at least one big lesson to grow and develop our soul, spirit, or “eternal” being.  Most of us made plans before this trip to earth by picking the main object and who we were going to call on for assistance when needed.

Whether one likes it or not, family members almost always are on this list.  Dealing with one’s own issues could probably occupy a lifetime; but we don’t get by with struggling through only our problems.  Every family has at least one member who wrestles with their issues more than the others and pulls in the whole group.  Depending on the placement of the member, this effort can make or break relationships permanently.  Rarely does anyone come out of a major conflict without some kind of change.  Some anticipate with dread of the outcome often with more anxiety spent beforehand than during the battle or aftermath.  Others appear to enjoy the conflict and often do everything in their power to create it.  When there is a controlling person involved, many possibilities can occur.  If this controller has “a hold” on someone else or more accurately one who has relinquished personal power over to them, each person involved directs the outcome by their actions and words.  The controller is fighting for their interests and many times only their interest.  The extent of the struggle on their part depends on how much “control” they can exert on everyone else.  If they perceive they are not in control of the events, fireworks can ensue.  How others react to the fireworks determines how far the behavior escalates; it increases as ineffectiveness is perceived by the controller.  But as it is with a “terrible two-year old”, a breaking point is reached only when nothing is working effectively.  The person’s history of being able to use this behavior with results to get their way will determine how extreme the episode will be.  Also, the escalation is determined by whether or not the others back down and appease the controller or “stick to the Plan”and over-ride the controller’s desires.

This is 30 minutes writing session; it also is an ongoing situation that will be posted in segments as it is “resolved” in the coming weeks.  Next may be on dealing with someone who appears not to be able to make up their mind and how to handle it. (Depends on what this “soap-opera” reveals.)