This writer is not a political watcher, most of the politicians do not have their country’s best interest as a priority.  So it was amusing how high of a score was achieved on the Candidate Trivia Quiz by Darryl Levings, The Kansas City Star (forwarded by a friend).  First impression was this was going to be a factual quiz but no, the subtitle should have given away the seriousness of information = “Dresses, dogs, college degrees: No detail is too small in an election year”.  As one who is impressed with such trivia as the bumble bee’s ability to fly even though it’s wing span is too small for body size, it really comes as no real surprise most of the answers to the quiz were accurately guessed.  Such as Obama’s referral to ten thousand tragic deaths by a tornado in Kansas where 10 people died; guessing which presidential couples combined heights were taller; which couple was older by how much; and how many dresses could Michelle buy for the same amount as Anne’s (this should have been how many dresses could Michelle’s staff’s salaries clothed the poor of United States).   These questions made one feel as though they were taking an elementary standardized test.  Then there were the stupid storylines the media fixated on in the past year —- like what was the make of station wagon Seamus, Romney’s Irish Setter rode atop to Canada,  Hillary Clinton’s “Shame on you Barach Obama” comment, what Biden and GOP vice president candidate Paul Ryan once did as a living.  With the exception of Biden’s used car salesman background, one has to wonder what this stuff has to do with who we want as President.

A few questions such as Obama’s Oval Office has a misattributed quote– easily guessed when you consider the subject of question, although the other two answers were competitive choices— eagle facing wrong way and missing stars representing the states.  Even though the guy doesn’t know how many states are in United States, he usually adds to the 50 and not subtracts.  The question of what statue M. Romney would restore had to pull out long-filed information about actions Obama has done as president to come up with the correct answer of Winston Churchill.  Wasn’t that one of the times the Obamas insulted England?   The only legit question was the names of Mitt Romney’s five sons.  But the most interesting reminder was of the incident on Nov. 11, 2011 where Obama missed a bullet by not “being present” on the Truman balcony.

Anyway the levels of the quiz were:  15- 12 correct was a place on the campaign plane.  11-8 correct “still rate as political insider”  7-4 correct got one the back of the campaign bus and less than four correct answers — “we’ll have to throw you under the bus” award.  Either author was a good guesser (not normally) or knew the candidate’s personality quirks enough to score high because this quiz-taker wanted to rate low enough to “be thrown under the bus”, PLEASE!