There is a saying that the only things certain in life are death and taxes.  This writer is adding there are dozens of daily decisions to be made.  No matter how one tries to avoid making a decision at least one dozen a day are lined up for a person to make.

Starting with the one to get out of bed or remain under the covers all day.  After that is the one of remaining in bed all day or not, is deciding if there will be twice as many decisions to make tomorrow and how many will go away without input of which path is best.  Once the decision to get out of bed is established,  the decision making does not stop.  There is what to eat, what to wear, what to do, when to do it, where to find the daily needs, where to go, how to do it, why do it, what will happen if it isn’t done, and who cares.

Those are just the everday questions that have to be addressed.  There are the occassional ones that are always lurking behind every corner like “monkey wrenches in one’s plans”.  Ones like “who knived my tires and where to get the money for replacements?”  Or may be you made the decision to park car in the garage last night but forgot to turn off the head-lights and for some reason they didn’t automatically shut off.  More decisions=does one try to find the answer now or later or will it take a call to fix this?  Do you take time off from work?  Can you afford to take time off?  Is someone relying on you to do something for them today and it can only be done today?

“No  man is an island” means most likely any decision made is going to effect someone else in some way.  One is constantly trying to out guess each decision’s best outcome for all parties involved.  If one is making decisions for someone else who for any reason can’t or won’t make their own — well, it’s not party time no matter how crazy things are getting with all these decisions.  The responsibility of decision- making for others is stressful if one takes it very seriously.

All this spins one’s head so one is worn out and will go back to bed before more decisions have to be made.