This “Friday’s Writing” is a little different than most because the word is one that has been asked in a few of the comments to a post or two.  In a few post there are “facts” that would have to be foot-noted as to the source,  as in “scientific studies”, “experts say”, or “doctors found or find” if the author were writing an offical article.  Medical/health blog postings have the source at the bottom of the blog’s posting.  “Friday’s Writing”, “Life’s Lessons” , some of “Thoughts” categories are from things read over the years by being a science major in college, a medical field professional, and having 30 years of personal interests.  For instance, somewhere in college science courses, the writer read “scientifically the bumble bee is not engineered to be able to fly” , that God blessed it with the ability is a fact the writer cannot quote the source.  “Life’s Lessons” and “Thoughts” also pull in “facts” read somewhere over the years, or exposed to the information by being in the medical field, or by being interested in a number of subjects and reading about them in books, or by life’s experiences and observations.  When you are a reader from childhood, over the years one collects a vast volume of information and whenever possible the source is noted for anyone to check out.  Some things are what used to be “common sense” which doesn’t always appear to be so common anymore.

Quote: “he/she doesn’t have the sense God gave a split pea. . . .” is not a compliment to the person —- or the pea.

This is “Friday’s Writing” –25-30 minutes writing exercise.   Have a good day!