“I wish giving to our children could be on the basis of their need always, as it was while they were home and our responsibility, but that’s not in the rules.”  My Grandmother

This applied to giving of money but it really fits many other things — the giving of money, time, items, and the appearance of love and understanding.  Good parents make great efforts to give equally to each of their children, but as Grandmother noted it is not in the rules.  It is not possible because each person has a different “set of rules” to go by.  One child always needs a certain thing more at a certain time.  Sometimes one child is like the baby bird observed in a previous blog post –Friday’s Writing: Encouragement.   Two learned to fly relatively easily and one needed much more instructive encouragement.  While it may have appeared at the moment one had more of the parent’s concern than the other two because of the time, words of encouragement and lovingly showing how to achieve the life skill of independence; the parent bird surely loved all three the same.

My parent is trying to keep quanity of money equally dispensed to each of their offspring.  The memory of who got how much money over the years is fuzzy and finally the parent had to rely on the assurance that the important thing is that all of their offspring knew if at anytime one was in big trouble, the parent(s) would move “heaven and earth” to help.  This fact is more important than who got how much and who didn’t get as much because the need wasn’t as great.

It is an admirable quality to make each child receive the same share of a parent’s time, money, possessions, love, encouragement, understanding, supportive actions and words.  But it also is a rare accomplishment if it actually happens this way.