If one knew they only had two-three months to live would one do things different than what they are doing now?  Would one do different things if there were six months or even a year left to live life?  It is interesting the different choices we each would make.  Some state they would max out the credit cards.  Some would do a “bucket list” and depending on the list might end up maxing their credit plus spending all their money.  Others may rectify their relationships or change their outlook on what is happing around them or in their life.

When one is given the chance to know there is little time left, the person can review their life and decide if they are doing what they really want to do.  Maybe they find they want to take charge of the direction their life is going.  Maybe priorities are clearer.  One discovers what really matters in life is not the business of everyday life but the people in one’s life.  Where are we in our relationships with family, friends, neighbors, and of course, our Lord becomes more important.  Part of getting our affairs in order would be making sure our family and friends are aware of our situation.

When the end of life is sudden or involves more than just ourselves (ie: 9/11/01 with the Twin Towers and massive number of bombings in various countries), our priority changes differently.  Many times these events show how great qualities surface and spread throughout humanity.  The core character of a person is shown.  Some are greedy and pillage everything and everyone.  Some show the best in themselves, beyond what they knew they were.  Fortunately, there always seemed to be at least one “hero” who shows unselfish acts of courage, compassion and wisdom.  This person almost always is the “little” guy; the one who steps up and leads through disaster with calm coolness.

Recently, a viewing of “Final Prophecies” the commentator of Coast to Coast AM asked Brent Miller of Horizon Project about what humanity should be doing to prepare if the pole shift does occur.  Mr. Miller’s response was that each of us should get our priorities in order.  Some have maxed out credit cards and world country leaders have bankrupted the world economy, but all of us should review our relationships especially with the Lord.  And we should be prioritizing those relationships no matter how much time we have on this planet.