“Medical studies indicate most people suffer a 68% hearing loss when naked.”

Okay, how did this one get created?  Who thought to observe this “fact” and how did they measure the hearing?  University doctorate programs have had to come up with subjects for papers that have not been written about previously.  The paper covering “What attracts flies to cow manure?” makes sense when compared to this study.

Brain storming or researching previous titles might have started one thinking about the hearing while naked.  Where and what conditions was the 68% loss observed?  Maybe observing someone who was naked and not listening to the person speaking, ie doctor’s office?  One could have been uncomfortable and froze “hearing” and appeared to lose 68% of hearing.  Maybe the naked person was in the shower and running the water; many of us lose more than 68% of our hearing in the bathroom.  The bathroom is the only place some of us are naked, and if the door is closed 68% loss of hearing is very likely.

Let’s see other times a human is naked? ————- Oh, well, some of us loose more than hearing during sex.  Besides what kind of sex is it if you are measuring hearing loss?

Note:  This could be “Friday Writing” with a twist from a word to a phrase or saying.  It was shorter time than 25-30 minutes.  Some of us can’t concentrate on the subject of nakedness for that long.