Global warming proponents blame humans, most anti-global warming supporters say humans are not that significant.  “Global warming skeptics” as they are called by Global warming supporters who do not agree . The global warming support’s problem is they want their “solution” to be the only one meeting the solution and thus will not listen to any other facet to a problem such as global warming may not be caused by humans or more specifically only humans.

The “fact” says “97 percent of working scientist agree that the evidence shows a warming trend caused by humans,” MSNBC 9/08/12  Again remember when “working scientist” believed Earth was the center of not only the solar system but the universe.  The problem of “working scientist” is one of not seeing the all inclusive and maybe their own ego.

There is “proof” of global warming in the polar ice melting; but has anyone of the “working scientist” noticed what some older earthlings have?  “I have never seen the sun shine in a north window before the last year or so.”  How can a place that had sun shine through south windows for decades move to shine in the north windows?  It doesn’t; but has any of those blaming humans for global warming ever included in their scientific studies what the planet’s polar magnetic points are doing?  Tell me how humans are to blame for magnetic shifts inside the earth!

Global warming proponents like some other groups believe if you don’t agree with them you are not only wrong but you are clumped into a group disbelievers all are in.  “Believing that climate change isn’t happening or that it’s not human- caused ” are placed in the same group of conspiracy theory believers.  What about those who believe in climate change but not human-at-fault?  Global warming supporters focus on the human fault, what if they are wrong and why do they not listen to any other possibilities?  Talk about conspiracy theories!  Their proof of human-being-at-fault sounds like someone calling the names is the label they are accusing others of being.

The problem with “green” causes is the solution makes a bigger problem than the “green” cause is supposedly solving.  Remember the paper verses plastic “green” cause?  Now instead of just killing a tree which was replaced by planting a seedling, we pollute the air with chemicals and sufficate wildlife animals who have the misfortune not to be able to read the plastic’s warning label of it’s hazards.  Now humans are to blame because we listened to the paper-bad, plastic-good “conspiracy” as the “green” solution to the problem.  Actually, it made the problem bigger by adding more “chemicals” to the air thus disrupting the balance of the atmosphere which the emissions from modern transportation is to blame.

Let’s talk about these new “energy- saving” light bulbs that are forced on us.  You know them, the ones shaped in coils that have a delicate base and easy to break, they are the new “green” item.  Have you actually read the package??  Not many have, and not even those who sell them or probably not those who promote them.  “Dispose in mercury safe “method and there is a mercury vapor warning on the same box.  Are you kidding ?!? Does ANYONE remember mercury contamination in tuna?  Once again the solution to the problem the “green” way IS human’s fault!  Because certain people promote the wrong solution and the rest of us sheepishly believe them and follow their advise to the solution.

So now because the magnetic pole is moving and the earth is shifting northwardly, we are to blame by emissions from consumption of “polluting fossil fuel energy sources and unsound land use practices. ”  Have global warming alarmist ever talked to any geologist (scientist who study “rocks” and earth’s surfaces)?  Rocks have recorded magnetic shifts of the past.  By the looks of the polar movement, earth maybe about to go through another polar shift.  This makes the most sense why the ice caps are melting and the “global warming” is because of the pole shifting northward thus exposing ice to warmer climate or science might put it: “more of the sun’s direct sunlight rays”.  The only way humans could be at fault for this is the weight of the human race is some how tilting the earth to produce this effect.  But then we weren’t around when it happened last time. . . or where we?

Note: Some think that December 21, 2012 when the earth lines with astrological entities in the universe that will create a magnetic pull causing another polar shift.   (Google Polar Shift and find sites with videos of the polar movements in the recent years!)  What are you doing this Christmas season?