This is an example of Friday Writing style if you consider the word “Encouragement” would have been written on the board at the front of the English class one Friday (remember the writer has a LOT more experience than the junior high kid!):

One late spring mid-day on a sunny patio, I observed a parent bird fly over the top covering with three baby birds.  It soon became apparent the baby birds were learning to fly.  Two of them caught on fairly quick and were testing out their new freedom from the nest all over the parking lot and beyond.  However, closer observation revealed one of the younger generation was having a tough time getting the hang of the whole procedure.  Like a good parent, the older bird would hop towards the offspring chirruping instructions while demonstrating how to push off with the feet and flap the wings in order to take flight.  The parent bird would fly in short loops showing how to master the skill of flight.  This was repeated with the flight loops getting larger each time.  After several feeble attempts, the baby one was getting some lift off and short flights.  All the while the parent bird was chirruping encouragement and showing how to get distance in flight.  After a good forty minutes they all came back into view.  Practice and lots of encouragement made even the struggling one show remarkable improvement.  As I went on my busy day, I pondered what the “chirruping” conversation would bring this family.  I bet all of them slept contently that night!

As a human parent, we have to remember that “chirruping” encouragement is perhaps the most important words that will come out of our mouths.  This life is far too discouraging not to have a parent or role model support us with encouraging words.  Words of encouragement can produce amazing results.  They can make all the difference in how one attempts coping with life’s problems.  When one is stressed out because the situation seems overwhelming , negative input does not make someone want to do anything, much less try harder.  A calm reasoning voice of encouragement can make even the most challenging obstacle manageable.  As we get older, part of wisdom (and graying hair!) is realizing either things work out or not much we do changes the outcome.  We can only do our best at the time and the Lord really orchestrates each of our lives.  Each of us are given what He knows will get the job He wants us to accomplish done and in His time.

May you take flight today and enjoy the wind beneath your “wings”.

Note to those who have enquired about how many drafts on my writing:  I have one draft which I read aloud, make changes and then the final copy.  Don’t be discouraged, it has always been this way.  Maybe because of this exercise, maybe because I have “writer’s” genes in both sides of my family tree, and maybe because my teacher was right — it is a rare skill.  She taught many kids and she said the only other one she knew who could do one draft was my sister.  This process does NOT include the dictionary skills to check misspelling!