(Alright this is going to test the posting limits of the blog site!)

As time passes, the conversing with others develops as a method of revealing one party to another.  Hopefull4many’s blog posting reveals to others pieces of who Hopefull4many is and the commentors posting reveals who comes to this site and leaves a piece of who they are.  Bloggers who “Like” this blog leave a different conversational invitation to who they are verses someone who comments on a posting.

Commentors of hopefull4many’s categorical blog postings define the commentor.  Most are positive and sincerely favorable comments.  Some we suspect  are the ones who leave a “quick” complimentary comment and then a “paragraph” of advertisement for something totally different than anything on the site.  This internet blog is open to all to see and comment.  Spam is not a problem for us as we have learned it is best to use it as a filter of comments.  To give you a hint what we are addressing: there are “underage” visitors to this site and inappropriate “ads” masked by complimentary comments are spam filtered.

Another “category” of comments is the “criticizing” ones.  We hesitate to acknowledge these because it may place more importance than what is really there, so we are lumping them together.  While everyone needs a reality check, they need to be constructive, otherwise— don’t.  Abraham Lincoln was quoted as saying: “It is better to remain silent and have everyone think you are stupid, than to open your mouth and prove it.”  Spelling of the blog postings are triple checked with Webster’s dictionary  (writer has “worn at the hip” a dictionary for years).  We are NOT responsible nor do we correct spelling or English of our commentors.  So stop pointing this out.  Actual blog posting misspelling:  try as one may things slip through and even published writings have gotten misspelled words past experienced “it’s my job” editors.

As to the English of a commentor: before you write “criticism”, you should do some analyzing work.  Look at the flow of the sentence and the uses of their words—this tells you English is NOT the commentors primary (1st) language and not what you have labeled them.  Anyone who attempts to connect to another by use of a secondary language (to them) should be encouraged and commended for their efforts and not insulted with unkind and untrue labeling.  Again, the internet is a WORLD WIDE communication tool.

We have certain life experiences we are comfortable sharing with others.  This is what this blog is about; and since it IS our blog, if you don’t like something: don’t read it.  Be a polite viewer and go find something that meets your needs and keep your “boring” comments to yourself by not being rude.  Mothers used to put a child to work cleaning things when they used any form of the word “bore, boring or bored”.  Just be happy we can’t put you to work doing something to cure (or repair??!!) your boredom!

As for those who actually like this blog and its postings (Thank you!), we understand the desire to find more blogs similar to us.  Many of you have requested names of others.  We have three “Like” bloggers that are similar to us that you may like:  betweenfearandlove, MomentMatters, and Cristian Mihai’s blogs are top favorites of ours.  Betweenfearandlove is a favorite for several reasons: her content is formated like this blog; has encouraging, thoughful articles; and full of wisdom.  We are partial to her because not only do we relate to her writings, we wish we were as wise at her age.  She is like a first-born because she was the first (and most loyal) to “Like” us.  MomentMatters is another favorite from “Like” followers.  This blog does something we have done for many years—- takes question surveys related to the blog entry.  One of our favorites is the male vs female restroom visits.  (By the way, never heard of either sex’s version being true!)  Cristian Mihai’s WordPress blog is another favorite because this one is a young male who writes enticing “book” reviews much like our Movie Reviews.  He shows great promise as a writer.  In quest to find more blogs like this, go to these and their blog’s “Like” section.  Guessing there will be an abundance of similar bloggers.   Also in our “Like” section, there is a nice variety of sites which we will feature in the future because the more interesting ones are not necessary like us.  Like the “Life of a Single Dad”.

Lastly, some commentors have expressed a desire to communicate (via email) with us.  We have found the gmail.com email passes on too many contacts and is virtually a maize to find anything of value as it forwards EVERYTHING posted on this blog.  May live to regret this, but try: ajhmslany@yahoo.com.

For those who might feel chastised, hopefully it felt like “40 lashes with a wet noodle” as a turn-of-century(1900) saying goes and not a spanking with a belt.  But we feel if our mode of presentation leaves out sexual content, rude name calling, foul language ; we expect the same behavior in our “house” in return.  Thank you for your interest and Have A Great Day!