In the story of Adam and Eve is the question of whether any of us would have passed the test of obedience and not eat of the tree forbidden by God.  When one considers the test is about obeying God, do we obey God in today’s world?  The consequence of Adam and Eve’s choice was separation from God by being removed from the Garden of Eden.  Man focuses on being removed from the perfect place on earth, perhaps the focus should be on being separated from God.  If it is about the separation, then how many of us are just as disobedient as Adam and Eve were in the garden?  We are all born with a purpose and the yearning to find that purpose.  In our quest to find this, we search in many different directions; most are fruitless and leave us empty.  Stephen Leston in his book, “The Bible in World History” states:

“As we look at the world, it becomes clear that people have sought meaning and purpose through war, materialism, power, prestige, and dominance over others; yet none of these things ultimately satisfies.  Therefore, the quest continues without any resolution.  Mankind has also created all kinds of religions and religious experiences.  It is only by looking at the world through the lens of the fall that we can understand why these quests exist and are doomed to fail — and where to look for a solution that will actually work.”

The real sin of Adam and Eve was the sin of submission — they didn’t want to live within God’s established boundaries.  This marks man’s quest for the divine outside of the one true God.  And this is still the quest in today’s world.  Many of us make the sin of submission choice thus throwing ourselves into God’s second or third option for our lives.  This can make one feel thrown out of the “garden of Eden”.  * There are certain life experiences and/or lessions each of us “agreed” to have while on earth for our spiritual growth.  If we don’t learn it one way, there always is another option usually with tougher requirements.

* This statement is formed from many years of life and reading all kinds of books written by many different philosophical thinkers, and a life time of studying people and concepts of various Bible and other religion’s scholars.   There might be a need to share some of these sources and how they blend into a personal belief today.  Will try to write a blog about this.  And it will be more practical when the personal library is back in order!