After reading a number of questioning comments about how to write a blog, it was decided maybe a new category is needed.  It will be titled Friday Writing.  While it may or may not always be written on Friday, we will try to write an example once a week.  The origin of Friday Writing came from a Junior High English teacher.  On a designated Friday, the English class would be greeted by a single word written on the “black or green” board.  For the first 25-30 minutes of class each student was busy putting on a sheet of notebook paper anything they thought about the word.  The point of the exercise was to stimulate thoughts, not so much for grammer or spelling which some how was an added accomplishment.  If one doesn’t develop both, the writing was not communicated clearly.  This is a writing exercise the teacher used to improve students writing skills and will help “writer’s block”.  Writing anything one thinks about the word can get wordy and sometimes wandering at first.  After several sessions of this, the mind starts organizing thoughts before writing them down on paper.

The other idea that helps one over a writer’s block is to read something.  It might help to remember writing is expressing the author’s opinion or point of view in life.  Any one short of opinions can associate with another and usually something is experienced to express in writing.  Think of writing as conversing in written word.  One can voice agreement or disagreement to any subject.

For those of you who like to write stories, a music teacher would set the class down and play a piece of music (Classical) on a CD player.   While listening to the flow of the music, students were to write what was pictured in the mind.  Warning: some music apparently takes some minds go to wild places.