Well, after my soaking in the bathtub with soothing herbs, I was energized to help downsize my parents belongings.  This is an activity strongly recommended to process before a parent looses all cognizancy.  Otherwise it is either hilarious or scary, depending on your take on life’s “normal” slide into aging.  Of course, it might also help if you remember your family’s history and care about all the stuff a pack-rat stashes away.  Try wrestling some trivia piece from the stack to slip into the trash without the mistakenly feeble eyes catching you and spouting off a dissertation on the merits of keeping a chewed up rubber toy that is beyond recognition.  And don’t even think about discarding the unidentifible object none of you knows whence it came.  It doesn’t help to remind a parent of the “fun” they had going through papers their parents kept — this is different.  Then there is the problem of the other’s things ARE junk and their’s is family treasure.  Finally, I muttered that my child probably was right in their declaration of setting everything on fire; no mention of moving it out of the house first (which I hope they learned from me should be done. . . that’s a different story).

Now I’m going to listen to “Oldies” music from my teens and twenties (which I retrieved from the give-away pile), eat chocolate chip cookies made over by using healthier ingredients and drink Almond milk.  And if that doesn’t relax my anxiety of growing older, I’ll take another herbal bath!!