We are not on this earth for our pleasure.  Think of this time as testing our endurance and worthiness.  Our mission is to reflect the Lord and His creation.  When times are hard, lean on His strength, because He knows it is not easy to put up with our trials.  He knows the burdens in our lives are heavy.  He knows there is someone who is crushing your last nerve by standing on it with heavy boots on their feet.  The times we need to read and study His Word are the times we don’t have the time and we don’t want to find the time.  It’s not exactly because we want the pain of our troubles, afterall who enjoys suffering?  But sometimes the hope that anyone cares much less the Lord is impossible to experience.  Hope comes when we spend the time developing a relationship with Him.  As it is in any relationship, we have to spend time getting to know Him.  When each of us does this, we develop a friendship with someone who does have our best interest in mind.  We must remember this: the most valuable items on this world are purified and formed under intense pressure or other form of energy.  Just as gold and other precious metals under go extreme heat to draw out impurities, our being grows spiritually by turning to the Lord in extreme pain.  Just when we want to blame the Lord for all our suffering, it is when we should ask what He wants us to learn and how can we grow closer to Him through it?  This goes against every thing in us.  Who wants to learn anything through their pain— just remove the source of the pain, Lord!  Anyone who believes in the Lord can ask of Him.

Matthew 21:22 All things you ask in prayer, believing you will receive.

From “Jesus Calling” August 18 “The main problem with an easy life is that it masks your need for Me.”

From “One Year With the King” August 17  “His mercies undo the trouble we got ourselves into.”

I will try my best, Lord.  Then You’ll have to do the rest.