Someone dear to me is “celebrating” a birthday today.  “Celebrating” is in quotes because each of us acknowledge our passing years differently.  Some like a big party in our honor with everyone making a fuss over us and if they give us nice presents we are very happy about being a year older.  Some of us like the person dear to me are quiet celebrators.  Birthdays do mark the number of years we are on this practice field called Earth.  They measure the distance we travel each year as well as where we have traveled in the past.  Some have traveled many miles and grown by our vast experiences and associations with others.  Some are still self-centered and have not learned that we are not the center of the universe nor of our own little world.

The natural flow of birthdays might be broken down into “generational” growth patterns.  The first generation growth is 0-2o years.  Most learn that the sun may  evolve around us for the first five years but exposure to schooling or others in some way burst that bubble.  We begin to learn how to get along with others, our personalities are developed, if we are lucky we can make a few decisions and experience how to handle failure.  Most of us learn skills and behaviors that will assist us for the coming generational years.  The 20-40 generational years are expansion years where we learn to fine tune our skills and some of us start molding the next peer-group of humans by raising families.  Sometimes this becomes a testing ground for our skills and behaviors, thus passing on our good and bad traits not only genetically but behaviorally.  As we go into the 40-60 years, most of us in this present world start peaking;  the biggest change for us is in the “working” category.  Some will go through tough times and others seem to sail through these challenging changes.  We become either less “important” to the functions of others and more of a guide, either as a good example or a bad one.  The Stepping down years are in full swing in the 60-80 generational years.  People who have learned to be inter-perspective and have hobbies seem to have a better adjustment to this period of life.  The ones of us who make it past 80 into the last phase of life–the 80-100 years have a quality of life that reflects not only all we are given at birth genetically but what we have done throughout that life.

Our life shows where we have been mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  How we live life tells in our body and our personality by how we treat it and others every day and not just on a birthday.