When I was a teenager, my grandmother said, ” There are three sides to everything: yours, mine and the truth.”  It dawned on me later when sharing this with a child of mine that the truth is separated and not in the middle or between “yours and mine” sides.  Having different view points many times create conflicts so personal the truth of the matter is no where in sight.  What is it about confrontation that bonds two people in understanding?  Maybe it is that each “air out” their view of the disaggreement.  A key point is that BOTH sides speak and are heard.  Making the difference of airing out a view point and arguing with someone being not only able to speak the real problem but also both have to listen and understand the other party’s view of the situation.  There is always at least two sides (solutions) to every situation.  Insight into another’s view and probably insight into the truth of a matter is the best way to navigate through a conflict.  In order to establish insight, sometimes at least one of the parties has to let go of their personal view being the only solution to the problem.  Another important balance to achieve has to be a two sided compromise where not just one party always reneges to the other.  Getting along with others not only is a major learning lesson for Pre-schoolers and Kindergardeners, it is monumental for adults.

PS Maybe legistlators should do this also–both parties, not just demanding the other party play by their rules only,(Liberals).