Personally never liked labels.  Recently, a desktop nameplate with someone’s name and the word “Boss” under it was uncovered in a person’s possessions.  Experience always exposed anyone needing to have a “label” to define themselves usually were not a good example of the word.  The more important the label is to a person, the more the question of deserving.

When someone makes everyone acutely aware of their label such as “DOCTOR” So-and-so or “Boss”, they reveal insecurities.  An importance of the label shows the need for respect.  Labels do not automatically gain respect.  No matter how much one wants to be respected by using the label, actions do speak louder than words.  One can become “Boss” many ways, but respect has to be earned.  It is earned by behavior that merits respect.  Most “label-lover” users usually enforce “respect” without earning it and wonder why no one respects them.

Respect, like many desired characteristics, comes more out of humbleness of spirit and not harshness of oppression.  One can make others do what “Bosses” expect but the best and most important way to get the respect of their label is to be respectful of others.  As in:  to get what is wanted, you have to be it; to get the respect of the label you must be respectful of others.