When I was a child, someone told me rain was God crying over us.  Last night’s rain was needed by the land, so was the Lord crying over us or was He blessing us with the rain?  Perhaps it was both.  Being blessed is like having the rain refresh the land.  When rain falls in a drought, it almost never is enough.  The same is true when one feels their life is in a drought span.  No matter how short the time one feels lack, it is too long for comfort.  It’s hard to see beyond our present problem(s) and they always seem more than we can handle.  More than one has asked “Why me?”  Many times we feel burdens beyond our ability to carry them.  Of course, the thing to do would be lay them down before the Lord, but doesn’t He want us to haul them somewhere?  There is a  saying “The Lord has more confidience in my ability to suffer the heavy burdens He has given me than my confidience in handling them.”  Well, maybe that’s the point: our interpretation of handling the problems of life is to get in there and struggle with their answers.  What if we turn to Him and ask Him what to do about them?  Let Him handle them.   Sounds like a cop-out but the woes of our lives would be solved differently.  Just think of this: if our purpose in being here is to learn to get along with each other in relationships, to learn to walk closely to the Lord, to grow our spirit to be more like the Lord, then why wouldn’t our trials and problems exist to teach us this?