From “The Shack” : conversation between Jesus and Mack (page 183)

” I have been told so many lies,” (Mack)  Jesus looked at him and hugged him.  “I know, Mack, so have I.  I just didn’t believe them.”

This can be applied to just about anything: to Christianity, to personal character, to relationships, to situations, to perceptions, to others, and especially to Christ himself.   Ever hear gossip about yourself so untrue it hurt?  How does one react to lies?  How can one be like Christ and just not believe them (lies)?  Christ didn’t believe them because He knew who He was, and more importantly He knew who He was to God, the father.  Time spent with the Lord not only teaches but strengthens feelings and bonds us to the Lord where each of us knows who we are and who were not.  When one has this knowledge one does not believe everything we hear about us or Christ.  Each relationship is different but the core is the same.  When you know who you really are you know lies are just that, lies.  Who believes them about us is not important, because the important people know the truth about you and understand.  Like a child who does the wrong thing, the loving parent still cares about the child, and counsels to do better.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that no matter how bad the lie, there is a powerful ally beside you.  He comforts, accepts, strengthens, sticks with us through it all.   The Bible proves that He does what “Footprints in the Sand” poem states.