This movie falls into a different category favorite: Science (and proving the Bible).  It is the scientific explanation of the age old difference of opinion between science and religion on concept of the beginning of the universe.  It may be too “science-oriented” for some, however, it is worth watching the explanation as many times as it takes IF you have questions about how they both can be “right”.  First of all, remember even if you were told science is true facts, it really is how  MAJORITY agree to perceive the “facts”at the time.  Remember a time when scientist believed the earth was the center of the universe?   Okay — bottom line to focus on is that time passage in God’s perspective is NOT the same as man’s.  “A thousand days are as one to man” we are told in the Bible more than once.   Thus the “seven days” in Genises means millions to the Lord (at least!).   Apparently, Albert Einstein had more than the relativity theory which some of us could not wrap our logic around to make sense to our brains.  The simple description of the perspective of time passing is “faster” by God’s clock and man’s passage of time is slower.  Thus, the cosmic clock records billions of years as one day.  This is told with more facts and explanation in the movie.  The pastor who knows the Bible and the professors who know the earth’s evolution describe each day’s events laying out the parallel of each day.   “Science has proven what religious leaders have been unable to prove for thousands of years.” (One of the movie actors character said)  And Kerry Wells (played by Kelsey Sanders) replies,” In reality science has caught up with the truth of the Bible.”  She also stated, “Science has simply deciphered the Genises Code.” (Thus the name of the movie.)

Several actors and actresses are familiar to the viewer.  And this movie is a good one even if you are not “religious”.  This movie is out on DVD.