Recently I was asked about writer’s block,  the interesting thing was I was in a quality-writing slump at the time.  My answer to the inquirer was read something or go do or watch life.  Actually it may have been my answer because as a few bosses I’ve had appreciatively told me: “One thing about you, you always  have an opinion.”* By reading a story of someone’s, one can often have a memory triggered and write something about it.  Writing is therapeutic for some; my mother once told me she would write about things that upset her.  In “How to Maximize Unemployment”, it is suggested to write the events of the “releasing” into unemployment from your point of view.  In both cases(upset and unemployment) the object of this kind of writing is to get it out of your thought’s system as a cleansing process.  Thus it is recommended to “destroy” that kind of poisonous writing for a few reasons.  One — it has served its purpose by spilling out and not festering inside.  Two — “destroying” it is a kind of killing the problem.  And thirdly — you do not want to inflict unnecessary pain upon anyone else.  IE: You are writing out your frustration in dealing with a loved one, which we all have; you resolve the situation or in some way it works out (it always does) and you die before you have done so (destroyed it).  Guess who reads this and is very hurt by your poisonous words?  Or maybe you don’t let it out like some of us, at any rate it is a shock to the person that you had a unfavorable view of them.  Because our writing is always in our viewpoint.

The creativity of writing (the kind you share with others) is stimulated by other people’s opinions or the way they live their lives.  Observing others and events in this world is a never-ending source of material.  Reading another writer’s material, many times reveals topics one wishes to express themselves.  Taking time away from the writing distracts the mind and “de-focuses” one from the fact they have writer’s block.  Writers usually voice what they see around them; and refreshing the mind can relax it into “talking” again.  But then, this post writing is only my opinion about writer’s block and how I deal with it.

*Caution—opinion was given only when asked!)

Author’s Note:  While writing this post, author thought of a least five new topics to write about:  Friday writing, Flow of writing, Reality television, anger management, and Obituary Clues (last one was by reading morning paper).