Some day I would like to figure out the purpose of missing things.  Particularly the ones that appear after you know you throughly searched the area at least three times without finding it.  Missing keys I think I understand; it usually happens because my mind is distracted, I’m in a hurry or I’m stressed at the time I release them.  The items missing when I have to quickly pick up or shuffle are understandable also.  But the ones that are placed in a place thought to be “a good filing place” that go missing can drive one crazy.  Why is it that what appears to be a good place at the time,  makes no sense when looking for it?  (Obviously it doesn’t make sense when you can’t figure out where you laid it down!)  Like a tool — would go in a tool box, garage, in the area tools are hanging, a drawer in the kitchen(!?!) because it is handier for needs; but no, it ends up where at one point in time one assumes it was a logical place to put it.  Once an AA battery charger showed up in a desk drawer when I remembered “shuffling” to clear the desk off to do taxes.  Logic under stress — those are hard to figure out.  Now if I can only remember what I was doing at the time I let go of the nail clippers or maybe it will show up when it is time for it to do so.