It is well-known a human’s sense of smell decides many things we will do or not do.  Some will not eat fish of any kind because they don’t like the smell of it.  It is also a scientific fact that females of animal species are attracted to the males by smell, which is one of the reasons why hunters wear pheromones to attract deer.  But to go to a “pheromone singles party to sniff stinky clothing to select who they’ll get matched with.” ??  Really?  One is to bag a piece of clothing (not underwear) that has not been removed from the body for three days.  Right off the bat the authticity of this experience is not accurate.  Not many people looking for a “soul mate” wears an item of clothing for three solid days, much less proceeds to bag the item and take it anywhere socially.  The source of this story didn’t reveal any outcomes of these parties so one is left to speculate.  Imagine being at one of these parties.  True, certain things would be detected by the three-day bagged item such as smoker, cologne wearer, sweator, grease-eater, and perhaps even an arsonist.  But can you smell a controlling personality or a bully or even someone who can’t make a decision?  What if you are attracted to their clothing’s pheromones but something about their laugh scares you?  When it comes down to it, probably the best method is to use more than smell to pick a mate.  After all, when making any decision it is better to get several “angles” or opinions.  Besides once the person takes a shower the smell would change but it doesn’t alter the personality that much for long.  (In case the shower does put one in a better mood. )  One’s personality is far more revealing to compatibility than one’s stink with or without deodorant.  Being able to reason is suppose to be a distinction that separates man from the other species of this world.  Of course, that may not be a given as some humans act as though they don’t have reasoning powers and some other forms of life do.

Author’s note:  Wlazy Zeliwne, not to be a people pleaser, but is this more “on-track” for you?  Seems so for me.  Have a good day!