This is another thank you to all of the bloggers who have left comments and I am enjoying those of you who have left your blog “address” icons.  You are very interesting!  When a perminent home is established, we plan to link with other bloggers, and expand activities with this blog.

For now how many of us remember this bit of information?

INSTANT REVENGE AGAINST OBSCENE PHONE CALLER:   Buy an inexpensive electronic voice box with a preprogrammed joke script.  Hold it to the phone, press a button and have the last laugh.

First thought—How old is this information???? In today’s world, the “phone” rings, you look at the number, if you don’t know it or is someone you don’t want to talk to, you let it go to voicemail.  By the way, does any one get obscene calls on a cell phone?

For those who are wanting a email address, it is: