I always felt that in our life’s decisions we have to know that whatever is decided has consequences; and after knowing the possible consequences we still decide to take a certain action—they are our decisions.  No one else is to “blame”.  Not even if we didn’t think of that particular consequence or scenario playing out in the end.  When the worst case happens, we want to turn around and ask God, “Are you punishing me?  Why did you not protect me?”  The protection from “bad things” or consequences is especially confusing when one knows at times when asked to be spared the consequence of a poor decision, He has pulled one’s butt out of the fire.   So why not everytime He is asked?  And believe me, I have asked most times—-especially when I saw it coming.  Then there are times when I saw it coming and didn’t know what to ask of the Lord.  Oddly enough that is when I discover what I need is exactly what He gives me.  The courage and faith that brings joy, peace, and spiritual growth when the “dust” has settled.  He has told me many times when I’m complaining: “You like the results, not the process of getting them.”

As Joyce Meyer points out in at least one of her books: “Enjoy the journey of getting where you are going.”   Too often we are so caught up in the “process” of problems, it is hard to see the Lord’s point in allowing them to enter into our lives.   Instead of turning to Him and asking “What do you want me to learn from this problem?”  We are off in a screaming panic, wondering how we are going to come out of this smelling like a rose and not looking like old tarnished silver.   Thus we more typically are blaming someone for making us do the wrong thing.  After all, if they did or didn’t do what they did, we would not have made the decision that now has us frantically looking for a “head to roll”  that isn’t our own.