Why can’t life be like a “fairy tale”?  “Once Upon a Time” show takes fairy tale characters and modernizes their stories by changing the story into real life scenarios.   This process exposes society’s viewpoint of life.  In the twentieth century, people still had a core belief of living a “fairy tale come true” life especially in marital relationships.  Looking at different aspects of the twenty-first century, it appears not only has “real life” had an rude awakening, fairytales have turned into realistic nightmares.

Snow White and Prince Charming are the driving characters in this story.  Each character on the show is a representative of a fairy-tale character.  It  most likely is the perspective of the writer that molds the storyline into these nightmare scenarios but when did the “happily-ever after” become so disappointing?  It is the bottom side of working out a relationship that appears to be the typical outcome of these stories.  Loss of romantic love, loss of child-parent love, deceived friendships—is real life really this depressing?  Or do we expect life to be easy once we find the person we think we want to live with the rest of our lives?  Some recent movies, books and storylines in fiction show that we don’t live the “story book” ending we search for throughout our lives.  It is astounding how many of us looked for “fairytale” lives in our relationships and lived the nightmare version of the tale.  That may be what the lesson is: to learn that in real life, even the fairytale takes effort on each of our part.