Christians often ask “how do I know God’s will?”  Most times we ask this because we want to know what career He wants us to do in life.  Many of us question being missionary as an occupation.  One can and should be a “missionary” or witness for the Lord in all we do and not think of our career choice as a missionary or something else.  So what is God’s will and how do we find it for us?  Study has revealed that most times it is not a career-oriented question;  it is an attitude-oriented one: attitude of service mainly.  God’s will for each of us is to be willing to do anything revealed by the Holy Spirit the Lord asks of us.  This means give up a vice, share with the needy, help the undeserving, work out a relationship, learn to be unselfish.  Basically, the purpose of any of us is to work on being willing to think and do for others “as we would have done to us.”  A question of “do I want to have that done to me?” should be asked.   Do I really want to be hurt, either physically or worse verbally?  Do I really want things taken from me?  Do I really want loved ones or myself murdered?  Do I really want to be someone no one likes?  There is not one human being who’s purpose or God’s will does not fall out of developing a good relationship.   After all, all of us have/had a mother.  And even a hermit has one relationship.