The comments out of one’s mouth reflect who is inside.  When someone lectures about what should be done and the speaker’s sentence is analyzed more often than not, the comment is something the speaker should be doing themselves.  The same goes for the general attitude one has about life, what ever is inside projects in how we treat others both in actions and words.  Each of us is the advertisement of ourselves.  Optimistic people say and do things that are uplifting, happy, encouraging, and hopeful.  They are popular and always welcomed around others because they are helpful and not hurtful.  On the other hand, negative people are always pessimistic about everything.  Nothing is better than them and everyone is worthless.  Most of us try to stay away from these types because they are downers and in this life who needs that?  If one takes the time to observe a negative person, they will notice how people seem to flee at the first opportunity.  Pessimistic people always see the worst outcome.  Apparently a lifetime of someone wallowing in this pessimism makes one very negative.  This not only displays crititism about everyone and everything, this type of personality has a deep-rooted hatred of themselves.  And the rest of us are going to pay for it, especially if you “stand too close to them”.  These are abusive people.  They are not pleasant, helpful, likeable, nice, or popular.  And have an inflated opinion of themselves.  One should stay away, no problem with that: most of us don’t like the way they make us feel about anything.  Yes, they are the most insecure people but they need to do what the rest of us have done and put on “grown-up pants” and deal with it.  **

**For those who think I am “whining”: you should look HONESTLY at how you treat others.  You are probably who I am “whining” about.  So yes this is about you. . .particularly anyway.

James 3:6,8