Ever hear of George Burns?  He lived to be over 100 years old and performed his comedy until about the same age.  His secret?  He once stated in an interview that it was “thinking young” and a cigar a day.  Some might conclude as the saying goes “he was too onery to die”.   In truth, it may have been he stayed active, used moderation (specially with vices) and had “new” interest in his life.

As with any goal when you want to achieve it, find someone who has succeeded at it and learn to imiate them.  Several years ago, scientist studied Ukrainian mountain people living to be long over a century (120 years).  Even though many smoked pipes and drank alcohol (ale), they did not have shorten life span or plagued with illness.  Scientist concluded moderate useage and stressfree environment played a big role in length of quality life.

Most of civilization has to deal with fairly high stress levels compared mountain people’s standards.  Which means in order to achieve long life of quality, an alternative lifestyle has to be practiced.  A percentage of the population is blessed with genes where ancestors exhibited ages well into 80’s and 90’s.  Even this group has to consider the stress of today’s world may shorten one’s life span.  This along with quality of food, exercise in an inactive society, and television/ movies instead of reading and other stimulating activities have stagnated our brains.

Accumulated research done on how to achieve quality senior years show the mind, body and spirit need to be attended to throughout one’s life.  It is never too late to implement these habits.  The later in life and the more extreme abuse will prove to be more challenging but not impossible to overcome.   However, if one instills an active, moderate lifestyle, it is possible to have the senior years be some of the best years of life.