Roaches are common pest these days.  Everyone at some point deals with them on some level.  Usually as an unpaying tenant.  You see one you have thousands.  Personal research has disclosed a few methods of eliminating them.

One method is the insecticide.  This comes in a number of ways, some which can extract rather nasty comments.  More simply put: swearing.  There are products on the market that claim you can get rid of these delightful creatures by spraying everything.  This is a method you must be careful of what you spray or where you have your food.  Does it really make sense to spray everything and then clean off the spray??

My favorite technique is the simplest one: smash the living stuffings out of them.    This takes practice and persistence.  One must practice aiming and slapping a hand or a flat object fast enough.  Persistence comes after you’ve broken at least two fingers by smashing them on the counters.  By that time, the mind has decided this creature is not going to get the better of this fight.  The clean up of these smashed insects has to be complete — as if any residue can repopulate, especially when turned to mush.  No wonder scientist claim the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust, roaches would be about the only living thing; and in science fiction, they are 100 times larger.

The most all-around effective method is a Roach Motel.  These ugly brown boxes must be appealing in their smell because it cannot possibly be the decor.  Brown and black is not my idea of the Ritz.   Once one checks in, it is a permanent stay.  The entire floor area is covered with material much like super glue.

Last I heard they (roaches) come with wings that allow them to fly into your home.  Really? What mutation motivation prompted the need to develop wings, guys? Just when I got over my phobia of not being able to control your population, you have to learn to fly.   As if bird poop isn’t enough to worry about.

Here are some homemade remedies from Rodale’s Book of Hints, Tips and Everyday Wisdom:  Using powdered boric acid as the main ingredient with sugar.  Not advisable if you have pets and children. Place in dark places.

Peel a cucumber, the skins contain trans-2-nonenal which chase roaches away.

Bay leaves drive away cockroaches—leave in cabinets and shelves.

(And another favorite!) Buy a gecko lizard—you know, like the one who does Geico ads, only a real one.  Warning:  when lizard eats, there is a crunching noise which is not pretty; and think about when roaches are out and about.  (Hint: the lights are usually turned off.)