Each of us pass in and out of the other’s life.  We have but one choice: how are we going to affect the other?  Life’s purpose is to have a loving experience with everyone we come into contact.  Some will be easier to connect to than others.  Some we will be in a hurry to pass.  Still the choice is ours; how are we going to make the pass?  Some will require much from us; some only a smile and maybe a kind word.  Some will even require a correction of previous contact, and yet others we may never see again.  We only see the moment of passing with most contacts, so we have no knowledge of how the passing effects the other in the majority of daily contacts.  If there is but one chance to impress upon another, why not positively—-a smile or a kind deed as assisting the other.  Who knows—-it may spread and come back to us a hundred or a thousand fold.