” I am David” is another movie that is top of the list to see.  It could easily be a true story. The human interest story line  is intriguing throughout  with several clues given as it unfolds.  And (of course) there is a wonderful twist in the end.  Two main “clue” themes are who is the informative narrator telling David how to escape the prison camp he is in and what is the significance of the book David keeps seeing on his journey?  Both questions are answered and are part of the surprise ending.  David overcomes many of his fears, learns that some people are bad, but most are good.  This story also shows no matter how dire our situation or bleak our memories: there are crumbs of hope that help us figure out where we are going, who we are and why the Lord always guides us through this life using our reactions to situations and the people we come into contact.  A woman from Switzerland tells him: “If you are alive, you can change things; if you are dead, you can’t.  Don’t ever wish you were dead.”  Her kindness shows him that the world has good people in it.  He learns to trust her and through sharing his story   with her, she becomes the key to the end of his journey.