As someone who grew-up during the era of Margaret Thatcher, I greatly admire this movie’s portrait of this prominent 20th century woman. Meryl Streep is one of Hollywood’s most talented and versatile leading ladies and this time she made me believe Margaret Thatcher was in the movie playing herself! There were several actors I recognized by face and name. Young Margaret was played by Alexandra Roach and the two actors who played her husband Denis performed a very believable transition from young (Harry Lloyd) to older (Jim Broadbent). Phyllida Lloyd directed the cast through the shaping events of Prime Minister Thatcher’s life. I happen to like “Making of . . . ” and this movie’s section of Making of the Iron Lady is particularly informative. I had to restrain myself from quoting the entire movie, here are some of the favorites:

M Thatcher: “Yes, the medicine is harsh but the patient requires it in order to live.” “Don’t they know if you take the tough decisions, yes, people will hate you today; but they will thank you for generations?”

This shows letting go of things until all we have are our memories. Packing loved one and sending them away, then not sure we want them to go leaving us on our own–which in the end we all are.