It looks and feels like clear plastic. But it’s biodegradable corn resin. It may soon come to a grocery near you. “Corntainers” are environmentally friendlier containers that generate 60% fewer greenhouse gases during manufacturing. They are heat sensitive (they will melt in direct sun or the microwave, so no hot items allowed). Although non-toxic, they are not edible.

There are Bible verses etched in stone all over the Federal buildings and monuments in Washington D C.

Utah has passed a bill changing it’s method of execution from the firing squad to lethal injection. Idaho and Oklahoma still retain the firing squad on their books as an option but not used in modern times.

Central Oklahoma is more likely to be struck by a violent tornado than any other place. In the spring, warm and moist lower level air will come north from the Gulf of Mexico and collide with higher altitude cold and dry air thundering over the Rocky mountains creating an instability just right for tornadoes. In the last 31 years (2004) about 1600 rating f2 or greater on the Fujita tornado damage scale have hit Oklahoma.

The lubricant, WD-40, was created in 1953 by three technicians at the San Diego Rocket Chemical Company in a search for a rust preventive solvent and de-greaser to protect missile parts. It has since been found useful for such things as removal of lipstick stains and protecting silver from tarnishing to protecting the Statue of Liberty from the elements. Its carefully guarded recipe, known only to four people, contains nothing harmful to people.

Petroleum provides more than 6,000 different products.

More than 5,000 different products are made from trees.

Dr. Pepper was invented in 1885 at Waco, Texas.

According to AAA the best fuel efficiency on your automobile comes at 60 miles per hour.

The first Olympics in the United States was held simultaneously with the St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904.