The rest of the story:
Women want unconditional love from a male, not just security. This is the love Christ has for the Bride. This kind of love equals self-giving and trusting. To love her enough to let go. To love her enough to allow her to receive from another something you can’t give her. In the scene where Jacob is providing Bella warmth from freezing, Edward and Jacob have a conversation= Jacob: “If she(Bella) chooses me. .” Edward: “She won’t.” Jacob: “If she did, would you try to kill me?” Edward: “That’s an intriguing idea. But no, I couldn’t hurt her like that.” That is love enough to let go. A love that trusts, even if it is “I trust you, I don’t trust him.” It also is love that unconditionally accepts who the other person is.

Males claim they don’t want to be made over to be someone they aren’t. Neither do females. She is not your mother, she is not your ex-girlfriend and not your fantasy woman; she is who she is. One of the last scenes of the Eclipse movie has Edward and Bella in a field of flowers. Bella is telling Edward: “This wasn’t a choice between you and Jacob. It was (a choice) between who I should be and who I am.” Edward was the choice who allowed her to be who she was. The scene that best demonstrated this for me was: Edward and Bella are sitting in his car at the school parking lot. Edward sees Jacob, knows he is there to see Bella, turns to her and says “If I ask you to stay in the car, would you?” As he gets out of the driver’s side, she gets out and as she is coming around the front of the car, he laments: “No, of course not.” And even though she doesn’t do as he asks her to, he never throws this in her face. Now, that not only is love, it is self-control/unconditional love.