One day a few weeks ago, I was listening to a talk radio host babble on about how positive he knew what women want from males.  He emphatically stated it was security.  I hope his wife set him straight when he got home that night!  More importantly for their relationship I hope he believed her if she did.  Ask any woman who thinks about it and you will get an answer something like this: Not just protection/security but love, love as Christ loves the Church(bride).  Of course, she will name it that kind of love if she is a believer.  A non-believer wants the same kind of love, she does not know that it is Christ’s love for the Church.  And the proof in this is in the Twilight series that are fervently consumed by women of all ages, not just teen-agers eager to be in a romantic relationship with a male. 

After observing this phenomenon since the time the books came out, I broke down and watched the movies.  The first one, Twilight, was the introduction to the story and the characters.  It also introduces the beginning of the conflict.  And what woman can resist a male who struggles to control his desire for her (even if it is in the form of sucking her blood).  But Edward is also distancing himself from Bella for her protection.  It appears males understand this is important to a female; however, at this discovery males tend to leap off on their own not realizing that is not the whole picture of what the woman or female wants from him.  The second movie “New Moon” almost lost my interest in the storyline.  I am not much for watching “cat-fighting” between women that some males seem to enjoy.  Nor do I enjoy “testosterone one-uppers” where males are trying to out do the other; which Edward and Jacob, the two rivals for Bella’s love display in the second movie.  But the third movie in the series, “Eclipse”. . . now we get the real scoop on what females are really wanting out of a relationship with males.

Eclipse unfolds the bottom line of what is the most important quality a female wants in a relationship.  So guys, pay attention: yes, she wants to feel you can or at least will and want to protect her.  But, observe that in this story, both Edward and Jacob protect Bella.  What may be confusing for not just Jacob but a lot of males is he can protect/provide warmth from freezing where Edward can’t—-so why does Edward, who can’t beat Jacob in providing a need, loose out to his rival?  That is the rest of the story. (See the next Post: What Every Woman Really Wants(II).