I probably can predict what would not be a future collectable more than what would be.  But if I had to guess I would pick automotive window ice scrapers.  While scraping my car’s windows one wintery morning, I heard a click made by the vehicle next to me. Next the motor was running without the appearance of the owner. Soon the icy coating on the vehicle’s window had melted away. After a few mornings of this occurring with various cars and trucks in the parking lot, I acknowledged I was about the only person out of date. As I was fantasizing becoming a rare skilled tradesperson, I realized my scraper was fast losing it’s purpose in life. Soon the company would quit making scrapers and one could not find any to scrape the windows. So I should be careful with the one I had because if it broke I couldn’t find a replacement. As time goes by if I took care of it, it’s rarity would become valuable as a collectable. Thus I am going to do as all people do when they get wind of a collector’s item—-I’m going to start a collection of various kinds of window ice scrapers!