The other day I extracted a booklet out of the mailbox titled “Why the Chinese Don’t Get Sick Like We Do”.   Supposed studies show the Chinese have lower statistics in a number of major diseases like breast cancer, high cholesterol, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even hearing loss! Now, before we all hurriedly send in the postage paid envelop with the filled order sheet for the wonderful answer product, let’s think this out. At least this one is not for some wonder pill, it is for a “library” of booklets with the information for traditional Chinese cures with external and internal uses of herbs and other plants. I’m guessing I probably have almost all or most of these “cures” in my library already. For those of you who don’t collect and read health books like I, let me clue you in on a big secret about why Chinese don’t get sick like U.S. people—they used to not have any fast food places. WHAT???!! That’s right, and that is the main reason they didn’t have United States health issues. There are studies in recent years after the invasion of “fast food” eateries that show a huge increase in all these previously stated diseases. So the answer is the same as the problem: stay away from eating ‘trash’ foods and consume healthy foods, at least most of the time. It might not be reasonable to expect to completely remove ‘trash’ foods from our diet, after all who can resist an occasional all-calorie, no-nutrition, bad-for-the-body treat that tastes sooooo good because it has nothing but sugar in it.