A male friend recommended this movie; it is good for all the women who make their male counterparts watch their chick flicks.   It has something for both because the storyline is packed with action.  Also has my favorite feature in it: movies that make you think with a twist near the ending.  You might think you have the twist figured out early in the movie’s plot, however, there is a twist in the end.  This is a good action movie with minimal sex, violence, and language.   Characters are well-developed.   The two main characters (played by Richard Gere and Topher Grace) develop a surprising relationship throughout the movie.  Maybe because my suspicious mind tried to take in every detail in a confusing opening scene, it was fooled by the data.  I noticed two faces showed up later in the movie as Russian spies in United States.  If you like well-told mystery and action, you will like this one.