I have this compulsion to take a recipe and metamorphize it into my own creation.   A lot of recipes have been and will go through the adaptation process.   Always had this compulsion; much to family members disgust.   My mother was the first victim.   She didn’t hesitate to tell me who, where and how she didn’t like what I did to her “Can’t Fail” cake recipe.   Well, I can’t blame her—- I discovered that it could fail and did—three times, before she banned me from her recipe file!   To be fair, the first two times, I screwed it up on purpose as an experiment.   The third time I swear I followed the recipe with complete accuracy.   Probably jinxed it into believing it was no longer a “no-fail” recipe.

Another reason I get creative is when I don’t have all the ingredients to the recipe. Or the wrong ingredients can make me creative. Like the time I got hungry for tomato soup with green chiles. This one was okay to mess with for a reason: although I imagine someone has discovered a Green Chile Tomato Soup, I blended a can of soup and tomato with green chiles to create my original recipe—which was good tasting. Anyway, as I mentioned I didn’t have all the ingredients (no can of tomato soup). I did have a can of tomato puree and the can of tomatoes with green chiles. The first thing I noticed was the puree had a sugary taste—now why do they do that to tomatoes??? I hate ketchup for that very reason and if I wanted my tomatoes to be sugary I would either put ketchup or sugar in them! So what do I do to be able to eat this? This is a dangerous zone for me because I don’t always find the right answer. The first icing from scratch I made is the best example of that. I made the mistake of putting too much milk in and had to think of ways to thicken it because there was no more powdered sugar. I added cottage cheese and several other items to no avail. I think I even tried flour; yes, I know it was a bad choice but I was around ten years old at the time. By the time I ran out of options, even the dog wouldn’t eat the evidence! Okay, back to the tomato soup I was hungry to make. At this point, I was noticing another feature about this concoction: it looked a lot like pasta sauce. Uhmmm. What would Mexican spaghetti taste like? I don’t know if Italians and Mexicans get along in the real world but I do know their cuisine doesn’t!!